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9 types of further refinement at our in-house facilities

UNIQUE: As a processing company, GABO STAHL is not merely a supplier of steel; we also have a comprehensive range of on-site machinery. This allows us to tailor raw materials and their properties to the specifications of our customers. If something is not immediately available, we will manufacture it rapidly and according to industry standards - through heat treatment, peeling and sawing, amongst other methods. As a result, delivery times are cut from several months to just a few days!

Fittingly, we can also carry out material and crack testing on our modified steels very quickly, ensuring you always get the high quality that you are used to from GABO STAHL.

Further refinement and additional services for testing:

Heat treatment

For heat treatment, GABO STAHL in Essingen provides an induction heating system for individual bars in the Ø 18-105 mm dimension range. The heat treatment is available in accordance with EN or the bolt property classes 8.8/10.9/12.9. The following processing steps can be directly added to the production line: Peeling/burnishing/chamfering as well as sawing/processing.

Based in Aalen, GABO STAHL's subsidiary OWZ (Ostalb-Warmbehandlungszentrum GmbH) is a specialist in the heat treatment of steel and forged parts. The heat treatment takes place in an open furnace atmosphere with 5 chamber ovens and a charging weight of 15 tonnes each time. The maximum component size that can be introduced is 8*2*0.8 m. The quenching can be carried out in an oil or water bath of 80 m2 or a so-called "air shower", in which the parts are cooled by a regulated flow of air.

At our Essingen location, we provide the following services:

-    Induction heating system for individual bars, Ø 18 – 105mm

At the heat treatment centre in Aalen, we can perform the following range of processes:

-    Normalising

-    Soft annealing

-    Heat treatment (oil or water quenching)

-    Stress-relief annealing

-    Recrystallisation annealing

-    Diffusion annealing

-    Isothermal annealing

-    GKZ annealing (only in an open atmosphere)

-    Cold shear annealing

-    Heat treatment for improved processability in accordance with EN 10083 (BG, BF and coarse grain annealing)

-    Heat treatment for improved tensile strength and structure in accordance with EN 10084

Peeling, burnishing, chamfering

As your competent partner for bright steel products, GABO STAHL carries out the machining of round steel on centreless peeling machines at its in-house facilities. The straightened bar is processed by a rotating cutter head with wide chip removal , and is then burnished. The process includes straightening in accordance with EN 10278 as well as an improvement of the surface roughness. In addition, corrosion protection is also guaranteed during "burnishing". The peeling method, which takes place under constant quality control, makes close tolerances possible. With the fully automatic eddy current crack testing system from Dr. Förster, the material directly in production can be safely checked for near-surface defects in accordance with EN 10277-1, surface quality class 4 (upon customer request). The mechanical chamfering of the bright steel at an angle of 30°, 45° or 60° will subsequently take place if requested.

Service spectrum

Material strength:

500 - 1250 N/mm²


Ø 16 - 102 mm

Bar length:

2,9 – 7,8 m

Tolerance range

up to h9 in accordance with EN 10278

Possible diameter for chamfering:

 Ø 20 - 80 mm

Processing, sawing, centre/deep hole drilling

When it comes to the procurement of pipes, profiles and water jet or plasma cuts, we are your reliable trade partner. Our contacts at numerous manufacturers guarantee quick access to a variety of warehouses, ensuring the high availability of a broad product range.

But there's more: We saw bar material with a diameter of up to 1100 mm to fixed lengths. Our state-of-the-art facilities allow us to process materials in a careful and time-efficient manner. This guarantees our trademark high quality as well as extremely short throughput times.

The centre drilling of round and square steel within the range of 30-750 mm is also part of the product portfolio, together with deep hole drilling. We provide these types of processing with aid from various partner companies.

Crack testing

GABO Werkstofftechnik in Essingen is another part of the group of companies as well as a certified service partner of GABO STAHL, and always guarantees the very best quality. Reliable crack testing of safety-relevant components and materials is necessary to ensure standards of quality continue to rise.

Service spectrum

-    Crack testing following the magnetic particle procedure (fluxing) for surface defect checks

-    Surface testing of non-magnetic materials following the penetration procedure (dye penetrant testing).

-    Ultrasonic testing to check for deeper-lying defects

-    The eddy current testing is optimally suited for positive material, corrosion and hardness inspections, as well as checking a potential material mix-up or the quality specifications.

-    Contract turning and milling of samples, individual parts and small batches

-    Demagnetisation with direct and alternating currents (all component sizes)

-    Sorting tasks (dimensional inspections, visual inspections, finishing activities of all kinds)

Materials testing

The subsidiary GABO Werkstofftechnik GmbH is a highly competent, accredited partner of GABO STAHL. High levels of flexibility, absolute adherence to deadlines and top-level quality all distinguish GABO Werkstofftechnik as an excellent service provider. Thanks to modern testing equipment, long-term experience and high technical competence, we can provide our customers with flawless testing services in the quickest possible times.

The objective is to qualitatively and quantitatively determine the characteristic values of your materials/components under normal application conditions via destructive material testing.

Service spectrum

-    Physical, mechanical and technological testing

-    Chemical composition

-    Metallographic examinations

-    Other examinations